Replacing UV Bulb in an AC Unit Yourself


Many homeowners have Ultraviolet light installed near their AC coil. These are supposed to destroy microbes like mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold spores and viruses in the line-of-sight of the UV bulb. These bulbs can be purchased in 1 or 2 year models, their life expediency. When their life cycle expires they may continue to shine their blue light, but they quickly loose their effectiveness. 

I had 2 new complete zone AC systems installed 2 years ago. When they installed the air handling components I had them put in these UV lights.  It was now time to replace the bulbs. On my last service visit I had the company quote the price to replace these bulbs, they quoted $260/ea x 2 = $520!

I found that I could buy the 2 OEM brand bulbs on line, 2 year model, for $229 total.

My system used Fresh-Aire TUVL-215P.

Installing them was a breeze, easily something you can do.

MY SAVINGS – $291!!!!!!!

Here is the step by step process. 

Step #1. Identify your air handler unit and outside UV bulb connector. My unit has a top access panel with 5 screws. The UV bulb device has a low-voltage connection, see the black in-line connector. If you purchase the correct model number the replacement connection will match right up.



Step #2: Turn off AC unit and unplug the VU bulb connection wire from the old bulb, then remove the front cover to the AC unit.

Step #3: Unpack and protect the replacement bulb. My replacement bulb came in bubble wrap, so I used the bubble wrap to protect the bulb from finger prints and any oil/grease/dirt. They say if you touch these bulbs it could lessen the life expectancy. 



Step #4: Remove the old bulb by taking off the screws/nuts holding the bulb in place. My bulbs had larger rubber nuts that were easy to spin off. After removing the nuts, just pull the old bulb assembly out of the air handling unit. 


Step #5: Install the new UV bulb, reconnect the outside wire, replace the front metal cover and turn the AC unit back on.