Shame on Them …… Politicians


Shame on all of them, Democrats and Republicans


We send our representative to Washington to work together to get things done for the American people. We aren’t looking for total BS and self-serving interests.

The Inflation Reduction Act has a lot of shame to go around, the final bill has a lot of benefits, in my opinion.

Democrat’s Shame:

  1. This isn’t really an “Inflation Reduction” law, it’s a climate and healthcare change and tax law. You only call it “Inflation Reduction” to get votes in November, any inflation reduction will take years at best.
  2. Senator Manchin played hardball to get concessions that will benefit his family owner coal mining business in West Virginia. When questioned, he claimed his coal business investments are in a Blind Trust. Totally not true, he has a Blind Trust but it does not include the coal business. Way to go Manchin … personal gain.
  3. Senator Sinema didn’t even beat around the bush; she wouldn’t sign on unless they kept the “carried interest” tax loophole. Private Equity are the only ones who benefit from carried interest and they contributed over $1,000,000 to her campaign. Forget about representing Arizona or the American people, this was just good old fashion greed! Carried Interest is a big rip off.
  4. The Democrats completely controlled this law and could do anything they wanted once Manchin and Sinema were on board. But, they sold out to big pharma. Yes, they will allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, but on only 10 drugs and starting in 2026! Why not all drugs and starting immediately? Because they need the campaign contributions! bill also caps these seniors’ annual out-of-pocket prescription expenses at $2,000 a year beginning in 2025, and limits insulin co-pays to $35 starting in 2023, but just for Medicare patients. How about negotiating for all Federally funded healthcare programs? Of course not!
  5. The EV tax credits has a phase in requirement that requires all EV batteries to be produced in the US. Did you bother talking to the US car industry first? Of course not, the car industry says about 70% of US EV’s won’t qualify!
  6. Regarding the IRS auditing people under $400k/year, every Democrat voted against an amendment to restrict the IRS from increasing audits against under $400k/year people! So much for Biden’s claims, oh the IRS won’t go after middle/lower income people.

Republican’s Shame:

  1. The Republican’s were just plain against ANYTHING that would give Biden a “win”. Didn’t make any difference if was good for America or not!
  2. All but 7 Republicans voted against a $35 insulin cap for private insurance carriers! Why??? Lowering the price of insulin, which is used by diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels is probably supported by almost all Americans. This was just a plain sell-out to big pharma donations.
  3. Although not part of the “Inflation” law, the Republicans originally refused to vote for the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans exposed to toxic burn pit. They claimed that Toomey discovered language in the bill that was a showstopper. Later we learned that that language didn’t exist and the after a public outcry the Republicans finally decided we needed to support our veterans.

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