Europe is on Fire (Sale) – Time to Travel

Time to visit Rome, Paris or Barcelona and save a bundle.


Monumento Nazionale – Rome

You’ve seen in my past posts how strong the US dollar has become. One major benefit is that that Europe, especially Eurozone countries are on sale. Many times we have been jealous of Asian visitors to the US because the dollar was dirt cheap, now it’s our turn. As of today, the dollar is over 30% stronger than Euro in just the last 12 months.

Here are some facts:

  1. The dollar will continue to be strong as the Fed raise interest rates
  2. The dollar will benefit from the huge glut of oil especially in the US.
  3. The Euro will weaken even more as they just start their quantitative easing.
  4. The European economy is still weak and even without foreign visitors prices will be down.
  5. European hotels are now priced a little less than American equivalent hotels, this is a major reduction.

The world just loves to see us flash those US dollars around.

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