Duke Power “FixedBill” – Deal or No Deal?


This month I received a flyer from Duke Power offering a FixedBill program, get a fixed billing amount for the next 12 months. Sounds good right?

Maybe not!

Here is what I’ve determined:

  1. I have to give up my current Budget Billing plan costing $235/mo.
  2. The new FixedBill costs $277/mo + state and local taxes and “other service charges”.
  3. The state and local taxes and “other service charges” I currently pay in my $235/mo amount is $14.26
  4. I calculated my additional charges under FixedBill at about $15/mo.
  5. This brings my FixedBill total to $292/mo.
  6. I can opt-out of the program before the 12 months are up but I would have to pay them back any overage, BUT I would NOT get any credit for under usage.
  7. After 12 months I’m automatically renewed for another 12 months unless I contact them and opt-out.
  8. The FixedBill amount includes a “Risk Adder not to exceed 6% and a Usage Adder will be between 4 – 6%.
  9. There is no incentive during the year to conserve energy! We are already paying about $0.13 per KWH (net)!
  10. My monthly electric bill will go up $57. Next year rate would be based on this year PLUS Risk Adder and Usage Adder

Overall, I don’t see anything but a benefit to Duke Power who will get an additional $57/mo. from me (as I calculated it).

Current Bill   $277/mo

FlexBill Bill   $292/mo

Duke -2

I don’t think I’ll be signing up for this program!

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