My Current Allocations – Well Balanced for Growth


I was recently asked to publish my current portfolio allocations; I’ll share them with you with the caveat that everyone’s situation is different.

My current investment goals include:

  1. Provide security while taking advantage of market growth.
  2. Consistently outperform the market (SPY) in “total returns “on both a quarterly and annual basis.
  3. Pick best of breed performing stocks and ride the winners.
  4. Exit positions when the economic cycle changes or an individual stock story changes
  5. Rebalance the overall portfolio as necessary.
  6. Maintain a tax-friendly environment; pay the least amount of fees as possible.
  7. Maintain a small exposure to bonds, but include “bond-like” equity’s such as REIT’s and higher yielding S&P stocks.
  8. Reinvest all dividends and maintain 5-7% cash for buying opportunities.
  9. Always has a “buy” list and quarterly update a “sell” list.

Below is a series of charts showing my portfolio including a few Morningstar analysis of my portfolio. In future articles I’ll further discuss my strategy and some best of breed choices.












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