All Ready to do Taxes for United Way!


One of the highlights in my “volunteering life” is the opportunity to do income tax work for Pasco United Way. I’ve been doing this since retiring and moving to Florida a few years ago. It is such a rewarding experience to help people get their taxes filed, many time discovering they are entitled to refunds they weren’t expecting. The United Way provides this service at no charge. Our local team operates on Thursdays and Saturdays from January till April 18th. Yes, your 2016 income tax filing isn’t due until Monday, April 18. 2017!

Each year we go through extensive training and testing before being certified. I take the highest level of certification available “Advanced Exam”, in addition I also get a specialty certification in HSA (Health Savings Accounts). 2017 will be an especially interesting year since we will be using new IRS provided software and Obamacare is always fun. 


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